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Shanghai EXPO 2010 :

Piano contestants in an extra challenge(08.29.2010)

Zhang Ruixue, 15, performs on a specially designed grand piano with four pedals, after she beat 17 fellow contestants in a piano competition at the World Expo yesterday. Zhang, a Beijing native, won 12,000 yuan (US$1,765) and a four-pedal piano for her school.

Students from nine of the country's most renowned musical schools took part in a piano competition organized by the Austria Pavilion at the World Expo site yesterday. Participating Chinese music universities : Shanghai, Beijing, Shanxi, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Tianjin. Austria : Vienna, Graz...


But the competition was unlike most other piano competitions.


This one featured a specially designed grand piano with four pedals, called a "Pedale Harmonique," invented by the french Denis de La Rochefordière, the additional pedal offering a completely new sound effect, but also presenting a great challenge for the young players.


The piano will be put on display for the first time in China at the Austria Pavilion after the competition for Expo visitors to inspect.


Each of the 18 students taking part in yesterday's contest was required to play three pieces - two of their favorites, and another one composed by students from music schools in Vienna.


The students' performances were judged by a jury featuring 12 of China's and Austria's most renowned pianists and music professors.


The top prizewinner was 15-year-old Zhang Ruixue from Beijing, a grade three junior middle school student affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music, a national leading musical institution.


She won 12,000 yuan (US$1,765), as well as a concert grand piano - with four pedals - for her school. She will also be offered the opportunity to perform at the exhibition area of the pavilion for Expo visitors.


In second place was Sun Yutong, a 14-year-old competitor from the Central Conservatory of Music. "Playing on that unique piano with four pedals was an amazing experience completely different from before," the Tianjin native said.


"It allows some syllables to stay and linger on, which is taking me and audience to a fantastic world."



Birgit Murr, Austrian Deputy Commissioner, said they wanted to use the competition not only to emphasize Austria's image as a country of music and culture, but also to foster cooperation between Chinese and Austrian musical schools.

Harmonic Piano Pedal Austria





PCT Patent

 General 3 D view : (drawings are at the end of the PCT patent pdf)click for PCT patent


Feurich concert 218 à pédale harmonique

Here is the new Feurich Concert 1 model, with pédale harmonique "designed by Stephen Paulello"


Feurich concert 218 with pédale harmonique - Frame and strings : An Interview with Denis de La Rochefordière

The story of the invention of the Harmonic Piano Pedal - appearing in the French online classical music daily at


You can read the article here (article in French only).


Feurich, a culture of innovation.

The Feurich 178 à pédale harmonique, here in the Frankfürt Müsik Messe, is the first model including a serial pédale harmonique. This piano is made in the modern new Ningbo factory.


The 5th international Henri Dutilleux composition contest

Biao Chen wins the 5th international Henri Dutilleux composition contest

The 5th international Henri Dutilleux composition contest, with support from the Alfred Reinhold foundation, commissioned Biao Chen to compose a Concerto for piano (with harmonic pedal) and orchestra.

The world premiere performance of the concerto "Yunnan Capriccio" was performed by the French Orchestra of "Tours, Région Centrewith Georges Pludermacher, piano.